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CLIST Meeting and workshop (Bloomsbury Healthcare Library, from 24 Nov 2016 10:00 to 24 Nov 2016 16:00)
Royal College of Nursing Library & Heritage Centre (, from 29 Nov 2016 09:00 to 29 Nov 2016 15:00)
London and South East NHS/HE Conference - 16 November 2016 (Stuart House, Auditorium, from 16 Nov 2016 09:30 to 16 Nov 2016 16:00)
BMJ Best Practice.pdf
BMJ Consortia BMJL Brochure (March 2016).pdf
BMJ Research to Publications Brochure.pdf
EBSCO Psychology and Related Fields of Research.pdf
EBSCOHealth The Experts in Medical Information Resources.pdf
Elsevier ClincalKey Flyer.pdf
Elsevier Clinical Solutions portfolio overview UK.PDF
Elsevier ClinicalKey Integration Flyer.PDF
Knowledge for Healthcare NHS Libraries Patient and Public Information.pdf
Knowledge for Healthcare Talent Management Toolkit.pdf
Knowledge for Healthcare Value and Impact Toolkit.pdf
Learning Zone _ Knowledge for Healthcare.htm
McGraw-Hill Education Online Medical Solutions.pdf
MedHand Mobile Libraries - Nursing & Allied Health Resources.pdf
MedHand Mobile Libraries Overview Presentation.pdf
MedHand Mobile Libraries.pdf
Ovid NHS-HE Factsheet.pdf
Oxford University Press Medicine Brochure 1617 Web.pdf
Oxford University Press Oxford Clinical Psychology Flyer.pdf
Oxford University Press Journals Collection brochure 2017 WEB.pdf
ProQuest What’s New in the in the Health and Medical Database.pdf
SAGE Digital Products Brochure 2016.pdf
SAGE Health and Life Sciences Journals 2016.pdf
SAGE Health Sciences Package Flyer 2016.pdf
SAGE Subject Collections Flyer 2016.pdf
SAGE Video Counselling and Psychotherapy Collection.pdf
Taylor & Francis Medical Library.pdf
WILEY Medicine and Journal Collection.pdf
WILEY NICE Postcard.pdf
ebscohealth-logo new 2013.png
Elsevier Logo.gif
McGraw-Hill Education.jpg
OUP Logo Blue.jpg
TandF Group-logo-blue.jpg
OVID Tagline logo.jpg
UpToDate Clinical Decisiob Support Buyer's Guide.pdf
NHSHE-CON2016 e-invite logo.png
LaSE-NHS_HE-2016 Programme.pdf
Knowledge Management - Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge.pdf
1 Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.pdf
2 Whittington Health Library.pdf
3 Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - PLEASE FILL WHOLE PAGE.pdf
5 DO NOT PRINT King’s College London - Maughan Library.pdf
6 NELFT NHS Foundation Trust.pdf
7 Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.pdf
8 Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust.pdf
9 Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.pdf
Doug Knock.pdf
Julie Screaton.pdf
Louise Goswami.pdf
Sue Lacey Bryant.pdf
5 Teaching electronic resources to students with computer anxiety - A Gandour.pdf
Louise Goswami.pdf
Sian Aynsley.pdf
Rachel Cooke presentation.pdf
LibApps Presentation.pdf
3 LKS support for workforce modernisation - Tom Roper.pdf
2 KCL - St Thomas House Library Annual reports can be engaging NHSHE Conference 2016 Innovations - Alan Fricker.pdf
2 OUP OxMed_presentation.pdf
WILEY Healthcare-wiley.pdf
9 MedHand Overview London & the South-East NHS HE Libraries Conference 16 11 2016.pdf

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